Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

Sunrise in Nairobi National Park
Sunrise in Nairobi National Park

Our second day in Nairobi started early as we ventured out on our first safari in Nairobi National Park. Just on the outskirts of the nations capital, Nairobi National Park encompasses 29,000 acres of plains and is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including the black rhino, lions, cheetahs, and giraffes. We were there for 8 hours and we only saw a fraction of the park, following what could only be called paths, not roads. I will surely have to have all of my fillings checked when I return home.

Hippos with safari jeeps
Hippos in the water

It wasn’t long after entering the park’s gates that the wildlife presented themselves. Hippos cooling themselves in a watering hole while Gray Crowned Cranes rested in a nearby Acacia tree were first up. Later, we met a young lioness being pursued by an older male along the road. The amazing thing is that while he was in pursuit of the lioness, they were being pursued by up to 10 different vehicles trying to get a good photo shot. And yet, they were totally unfazed by all of the commotion around them. At times we were within arms length of both cats with our windows open where, if they were so inclined, they could have easily jumped in to join us.

Young lioness

We did get to see 2 (lion & rhino) of the big 5 (lion, cheetah, rhino, elephant, buffalo), so not bad for the first day out. Tomorrow will be another low key day, so it will be a good day to do laundry before we head out of the city and into the other parks.

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  1. Amazing photos so beautifully captured.
    It will be exciting to hear and see more about your travels.
    Thanks for sharing your great adventure.

    1. So glad you are enjoying. We are having a great time. Keep checking back because there is more to come.

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