Nairobi – Day 1

Nairobi – Day 1

After 28 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Nairobi at midnight. We easily made our way through customs, found our bags, and went to find our driver outside to take us to our hotel. Even though I knew it would be warm, I was not expecting the humidity to hit us like a hot, wet blanket as we went out the exit doors.

As we walked to where the 25 or so drivers were standing, I happened to see one holding a sign that read “BACK” in large letters. Hoping there wasn’t a Mr Back on our flight, I took the chance to see if this might really be our driver. To our relief, as we got closer, in smaller letters the sign read “Gregory”. Fate was on our side.

Our driver’s name was Said (sa-ID). He was very friendly and we chatted about the weather, football (soccer), and his beautiful family on our drive to the hotel. Upon arrival, I was somewhat taken aback with the security measures just to get into the parking area. The hotel is basically a compound, with a guard at the front gate, and a metal detector and baggage scanner at the front door. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Exhausted, we checked in and made it to our room to rest. Twelve hours later, we awoke midday, refreshed, and ready to get on with our trip.

Tomorrow, will be our first opportunity to see the wildlife of Africa. We head out early in the morning to visit Nairobi National Park. Hopefully, i will be able to get some good pictures. Stay tuned!

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