Last day in Nairobi

Last day in Nairobi

On our last day in Nairobi, the morning and the afternoon were quite a contrast of experiences.  As part of Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), one of their goals is to expose travelers to not only the beautiful parts of traveling, but also the sometimes unpleasant parts of the areas you are visiting.

For example, this morning we went to the Kibera Slums, within Nairobi, to talk with some of the residents and activists that live in these slums. The Kibera Slums are one of the largest slums in all of Africa. This 1 square mile of area holds over 800,000 people in tin shacks that have no roads, but narrow passageways to walk from place to place. Unemployment is around 80% and most survive on around $1.00 per day.

However, upon visiting with the leaders in this community, they are a very proud people. With the help of NGO’s, they have now established schools, hospitals and a library, which is where we met. With better cooperation with the Kenyan government, they are now getting roads and electricity. They were very positive that if we come back in 10 years, we will see a whole different area. We wish them well.

Our tour group with Kireba Leaders

The afternoon was spent visiting the Rothschild Giraffe Center where they bread this extremely rare subspecies of giraffes and reintroduce them back into the wild. While their efforts have been successful, there are only 670 of these beautiful creatures living in the wild today. It was a great afternoon of learning about and feeding these majestic animals. Check out more pictures in the Africa 2022 gallery.

Cheryl feeding the Rothschild Giraffe

5 thoughts on “Last day in Nairobi

  1. Sounds like you had a very diverse exposure to the area! I am glad they are showing all sides of life here in OUR world! Keep Sage and Cherish!!

  2. Greg,
    Looks like you’re having a great trip in Nairobi. We have been to Africa three times but not to Nairobi. We also traveled with OAT and had a great trip. Unfortunately we had to cancel our Patagonia trip with them because of Covid. Now we are back on track to plan an Africa trip for my family hopefully in 2023. Keep the pictures and good comments coming. I’m glad you’re having such a great time. Best regards and safe travels. Jon Risdal

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