Join us on our trip to Africa

Join us on our trip to Africa

Africa 2022

Well, it looks like we will finally get to go on our first big adventure since my retirement in 2020. We are just days away from takeoff, our bags are packed, we’ve had our vaccines and boosters, as well as multiple other shots, and our fingers are crossed that our Covid tests come back negative and in time for us to board our flights.

Coordinating these Covid tests has been one of the most stressful things I have done when planning a trip. Every country has its own set of rules.

Our trip will start with a 26 hour flight from Springfield to Charlotte to London to Nairobi, Kenya. This is the same length of time it took for us to travel to Australia in 2015. We will spend several days in Kenya and Tanzania with our Overseas Adventure Travel guide visiting several of the national parks. Later we will visit one of the worlds natural wonders, Victoria Falls. We end our adventure in Cape Town, South Africa spending several days in the areas famous wine country.

rainbow, waterfall, water-3320571.jpg
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

That’s 30 days of emersion into this vast continent, and we will only be scratching the surface. Follow us along the way and we will be posting as often as we can.


Greg & Cheryl

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