And We’re Off ……

And We’re Off ……

At Springfield – Branson Regional Airport

We are officially on our way to Africa!! After postponing this trip for a year, all the planning is beginning to pay off. We will arrive in Nairobi in 26 hours where we will join up with our travel friends.

We begin our trip the only way we know how, with our good friend Donna Jensen chauffeuring us to the airport. She has been dropping us off at the airport for years and it has now become a tradition.

You can never do enough planning for a trip, especially when it’s international. Some say I over plan (I did go to the airport yesterday to make sure we had all the proper paperwork), but when we arrived today, I was so glad we were prepared. As we walked up to the ticket agent, there was a family with 3 kids already there. Their bags were strewn about the floor and they were frantically searching for paperwork needed to go to London. Needless to say, it was a very tense situation. We finally saw them again as they made it through the airport to their gate about an hour later.

Now we are praying for uneventful flights and that our luggage makes it to Nairobi as well. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Have a wonderful time I have always thought it would be great to see Africa so I will look forward to seeing your travels!

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